This news service provides a global point of reference for a wider perception of current events and a common understanding of an interconnected world. As a framework for public information and a platform for public participation, Brandon Global News offers an international perspective for a global readership. The magnitude and compexity of today's challenges indicates the need for large scale initiatives with unprecedented global coordination and expanding parameters of public support. Global media communication facilitates public support and global coordination by providing the multifaceted information that is required for understanding a growing number of issues that are increasingly dependant on international resolution. Flexible channels of global communication are pivotal to the process of reaching international consensus based on shared knowledge and interactive decision making. A global media with an international readership is integral to the synthesis of information and the cohesion of thought that are needed for bringing about the success of a wide range of multilateral endeavors.


The convergence of perceptions through the globalization of news enables mutual understanding and encourages public interaction with international institutions. Public participation supports and sustains international organizations while ensuring the clarity of purpose and transparency of process needed for responsive policy. The news media is the only institution that can synchronize priorities on a global scale and provide the level of coordination that is crucial for the effective formulation and implementation of global policies. Global media communication serves as an objective policy catalyst when it functions as a flexible forum that reflects and projects a comprehensive perspective with active public participation. Global news provides a coherent presentation of multiple strands of information for an ongoing synthesis of many perspectives. With general insight into specific concerns and specific understanding of general interests, global communication facilitates international coordination while preserving national sovereignty and cultural autonomy. Global media forums overcome discord and encourage public dialogue by offering a level of analysis that invokes the deeper meanings that are at the core of all cultures. With humanitarian concerns reaching a critical mass and environmental issues approaching a tipping point, it is crucial to develop global media venues with interactive participation from the public and from policy makers in many countries. Global media communication also has a vital role in keeping the peace. The compartmentalization of thought through the segmentation of information and the fragmentation of communication has often resulted in distorted perceptions and exacerbated tensions. Minor disagreements have an unfortunate tendency to overshadow larger areas of agreement when subjective thinking is magnified by incomplete information. Global media forums overcome this compartmentalized thinking by presenting a bigger picture with an emphasis on reciprocity in international relations. In a world with serious tension, there is a compelling need for global communication to facilitate conflict prevention and conflict resolution through ongoing media forums that support a peacekeeping paradigm in public communication.


Long term international accommodation requires multilateral consensus among societies and this consensus depends on global communication for an exchange of information and an alignment of priorities across a spectrum of issues. The content and form of news can reflect the global scope of many topics while cultivating deeper levels of understanding in an increasingly interconnected world. The 21st Century requires more complete information for a more complex world and more complex information for a world with more complete interaction. In this new world of complex interdependence, it is imperative to have new concepts in journalism to support an expanding paradigm of public information and interactive participation. Brandon Global News rises above partisan politics to present an objective humanitarian perspective and a pragmatic public policy approach to issues in the news. Our news service features multiple perspectives from many regions for the comparative analysis of issues and the discovery of common ground through open discussion of universal concerns. As a source for news and a forum on current events, Brandon is creating concept innovations for a wider comprehension of international news. Send comments to: